C100 – Christian Hundertmark/  C100

C100 is the creative studio founded by Christian Hundertmark in 2003. He expresses himself in creative-/ art direction, visual identities, graphic design to curation of exhibitions for institutions in art, cultural fashion, media and sports. Over the years C100’s work was published in many books and magazines. In 2008 French publishing house Pyramyd released an edition in their ‘Design & Designers’ book series. C100 founder Christian Hundertmark is also author of the books “The Art of Rebellion I, II, III and VI” which sold over 90.000 copies worldwide and have a high reputation in the worldwide urban art scene. In Spring 2017, together with fellow artist Patrick Hartl, he released „The Art of Writing Your Name –urban calligraphy and beyond“, which is the first book to document this new art movement. The book gained a lot of respect in the art world at once. Starting out as a graffiti artist in his teenage years in the early 90ies Christian keeps staying connected to urban cultures since then, being an artist himself. His works were shown in galleries and museums in New York, Berlin, Zurich and London. Furthermore he forms the collective LAYER CAKE with Patrick Hartl painting canvases, murals and exhibiting their work in galleries in Hamburg, Vienna, Berlin.website

Public Artworks by C100 – Christian Hundertmark